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Industrial Ovens & Batch Ovens

A well-established company, MV International is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Industrial Ovens & Batch Ovens. We have been catering to various industries with our wide range of superior quality of Industrial Ovens, Batch Ovens & Conveyorised Ovens.

Industrial OvenGet Quotation
Our Industrial Ovens are designed to meet our customer requirement and we provide them best and economical source so that process can be done in minimum resources. We can manufacture industrial ovens at any size and specification. Maximum temperature we are providing up to 600 Deg Celsius.

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Portable Electrode Drying OvensGet Quotation

MV International manufacturer ofportable oven, portable electrode oven, portable holding oven, portable welding oven, welding rod oven and welding electrode oven. Most of the welding electrodes, particularly the Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Type Electrodes may absorb moisture from the atmosphere. If the moisture is excess than the recommended level consistent with the type of flux, the electrodes should be re-dried before use for one hour at 0-250 Deg Celsius , to drive away any absorbed excess moisture from the flux coating. MVI welding electrode drying ovens are designed to meet this requirement and are ideal for re-drying of electrodes.

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Stationary Mother Electrode OvensGet Quotation

MV International manufacturer cabinet electrode ovens, electrode oven, electrode holding oven, electrode drying oven, electrode baking oven, welding electrode drying oven, welding electrode baking oven. Most of the welding electrodes, particularly the Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Type Electrodes may absorb moisture from the atmosphere. If the moisture is excess than the recommended level consistent with the type of flux, the electrodes should be re-dried before use for one hour at 0-550 Deg Celsius , to drive away any absorbed excess moisture from the flux coating. MVI welding electrode drying ovens are designed to meet this requirement and are ideal for re-drying of electrodes.

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Saw Flux Baking OvensGet Quotation

MV International manufacturer stationary flux ovens, flux oven, flux holding oven, flux drying oven, flux baking oven, welding flux drying oven, welding flux baking oven. Most of the Submerged arc Welding flux , particularly the Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Type flux may absorb moisture from the atmosphere. If the moisture is excess than the recommended level consistent with the type of flux, the Flux should be re-dried before use for one hour at 0-550 Deg Celsius , to drive away any absorbed excess moisture from the flux coating. MVI welding flux drying ovens are designed to meet this requirement and are ideal for re-drying of flux.

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Drum Heating OvenGet Quotation

We are acclaimed in the market as reputed manufacturers of high-quality Drum Heating Oven which are also made available to our valuable customers at very affordable prices. Our drum heating ovens can be operated with simple controls through which precise temperature can be set for through heating at extreme temperatures. Controls are put in place to prevent excessive temperature from occurring.

We offer drum heating oven with advanced features through which process heating can be done for drums of various sizes which enables to save time and cost in this activity. Heat transfer is done at a high rate and also in a uniform fashion so that desired heating results is achieved. Order for our high precision Drum Heating Oven right away! For more details log into our website and find out all the accurate details for this product. Our customer care is always on their toes to explain and clear all the doubts our customers have!

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Tray DryerGet Quotation

The goal of warming is to guarantee that the warmed air touches the wet solids on the tray. The fans in the Tray Dryer are utilized to encircle the warm air at a speed of two to five meters, every second. The stormy wind current diminishes environmental pressure of vapor and the thickness of air capacity in layers.

The warmed air grabs water. During water dissipation from the surface, there is a dispersion of the water from within the solids by capillary activity. All the previously mentioned states occur in a solitary movement of air. There is a short contact period and just a modest quantity of water is collected in a small space and subsequently, the release of air at a pace of 80 to 90 percent is flown back by the fans attached by MV International. The limit of introducing fresh air is set to 20 percent by this Tray Dryer Manufacturer.

The release of moisture happens through the outlet. In this way, you keep up with the uniform air current and consistent temperature over the strong materials for accomplishing uniform drying. In that case, if the materials to be dried are wet granules such as tablets or capsules, drying proceeds until the ideal moisture level is achieved. Towards the end of the drying procedure, the professionals hired by your favorite Tray Dryer Manufacturer hauls out the drying trucks or trays from the chamber and take them to the tray dumping station.

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Industrial Batch OvenGet Quotation
MV international was founded 30 Years Ago, is one of the fastest growing company engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Industrial Batch Oven.

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Industrial Heating OvenGet Quotation
We At MV International are Leading manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Heating Oven from India. Industrial Heating Ovenare employed for a quick and uniform drying of solvents or water paints and resins used in the windings of electric motors, varnish baking, Paint Baking etc.

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Industrial Electric OvenGet Quotation
MV International, was founded 30 Years Ago, is one of the fastest growing company engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Industrial Electric Oven.......

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Conveyorised OvensGet Quotation

Launched with tubular steel frames, we have constructed our conveyorized oven a little more ruggedly to prove ourselves as a unique Conveyorised Oven Manufacturer. Several process heating applications are in use with manufacturing units all over the globe. Annealing, curing, drying, bonding, preheating, and laminating are among the most common process heating applications.

Special Features of the Conveyorised Oven.

Like every sensible Conveyorised Oven Manufacturer, we have ensured a consistent temperature and proper circulation of air by incorporating blowers in every heating zone. Products are kept on the portion of the belt that shows up on the oven’s loading side and are collected from the outlet at the opposite end. We have succeeded in ensuring a long service span for the electrical components by placing an air-cooling cabinet that controlled electrically.

At MV International, we have an innovative team of designers and developers who have the much-needed expertise and concept to develop a futuristic vision. We understand the need for the right tool at the right time. Out sales team members will be more than glad to assist you in picking the right custom oven depending on your specific application requirement.

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Industrial Drying OvenGet Quotation
We At MV International are Leading manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Drying Ovenfrom India. Industrial Drying Oven are employed for a quick and uniform drying of solvents or water paints and resins used in the windings of electric motors, varnish baking, Paint Baking etc.

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Electric Drying OvenGet Quotation
Electric Drying Oven are devices used to remove water and other solvents from the items placed inside them. These ovens remove moisture through a convection process, collecting it elsewhere so the object becomes dehydrated.

Specification :
Size Customised
Material SS,MS
Brand Mv International
Door gasket Fibre Glass rope/Silicon Gasket
24/7 Timer and alarms

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Electric Industrial OvenGet Quotation
Electric Industrial Ovens are like Industrial Ovens or Batch Ovens they supplied with heating media Electric with SS Tubular heating elements are provided for heat generation. Many other features are provided with electric industrial ovens.

Features :
  • Multiple heating zone can be provided.
  • User can set temperature for different zone.
  • Individual heaters can be controlled.
  • Heaters are interlocked with blower and many more.

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Batch OvenGet Quotation
Batch Ovens are designed to meet many applications with endless industrial requirement. It can be used for paint baking, curing process, baking of material, composite curing, motor heating, transformer heating, annealing, post curing and drying.

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Painting and Powder Coating OvensGet Quotation

Features of Our Painting & Powder Coating Ovens.

We use highly dense galvanized steel plates for building the roof and walls of our Painting & Powder Coating Ovens. There is 100-mm thick insulation of Rockwool. We ensure much lower running cost through our manufacturing process which is of high quality and advanced design. The internal duct system is worth a higher volume and we also have powerful centrifugal fans.

We have engaged a PLC viewer that comes with a simple control panel. Besides improving fuel efficiency it helps us follow a fast curing time. Our burners are worth great quality that is tested and tried regularly. We have the internal escape mechanism. Our heavy-duty products are developed and designed to last.

Before shipping, we test and build every oven and then it’s flat-packed for ease of transit and installation. Being a responsible Painting & Powder Coating Ovens, we check the right blend of gas and air and proper heat distribution for eradicating the risks of cost or hot spots. It helps in assuring economical production as we check the inner mechanism of escapade. The availability of service contracts and the guarantee are important points of consideration.

Our experience as a Painting & Powder Coating Ovens has helped us in placing insulated wires worth 4 mm thickness besides a steel-plate cover that enables trolleys to be utilized for transiting products within and outside the oven. We have ample opportunities for our clients to discuss their specifications with our reps before placing their orders with us.

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Paint BoothGet Quotation

Our experience of manufacturing Paint Booth shows us through nitty-gritty stretching from the phase of consumer inquiries to conclusive authorizing. At the inquiry and marketing stage, our specialists examine everything about the client item and propose the ideal paint booth for the paint application.

Drawing and designing work details are completed remembering the final objective. The procedures followed by the Paint Booth Manufacturer demand best quality crude material as the input. After a set of cutting, mixing and punching-hole creation work the right Paint Booth spraying enclosures are made, which at that point goes through surface treatment arrangements and painting coats.

The product designed by MV International is a fully blasted structured and can be disassembled and moved to any area with most minimal issues and without much of a stretch.

As an advanced Paint Booth Manufacturer, we are committed to ensuring a smooth work process and safety of our clients through rigorous tests of our paint baking oven and booth products before delivering them. We identify all ambiguities and resolve them beforehand for writing off any obstruction that might arise during the commissioning process.

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Core Drying OvenGet Quotation

When you look into Core Drying Oven model what you'll notice is the temperature setting range, which is very important as you must be able to set it to the desired heating levels. With our oven, you can do this very conviniently through digital controls which make way for precision heating. The controls ensure that the materials inside are given exactly the temperature that has been set. Adding to this is the thermal insulation which prevents air inside from escaping thus keeping temperature the same throughout the interiors. We offer models that are compact and small in size as well as large ones that can be used to carry our core drying sensibly on a voluminous number of items at nonce,

We, at MV international take pride in being a top Core Drying Oven Manufacturer providing high quality oven models for specific drying requirement. Use our model to carry out core drying process to perfection and in the shortest possible time! We offer affordable models, which give very cost effective solution to the need of core drying. Call us now to order a model right away! We provide models with the most advanced features so buy one right away to carry out drying in the most cost effective way!

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Motor Winding Baking OvenGet Quotation
We At MV International are Leading manufacturer and exporter of Motor Winding Heating Oven from India. Motor Winding Heating ovens are employed for a quick and uniform drying of solvents or water paints and resins used in the windings of electric motors and transformers.

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Varnish Baking OvenGet Quotation

What remains to be noted regarding motor windings is that that they operate in extremely damp conditions, under which moisture reduction happens after disclosure to moisture for a long time. Such moisture accumulation and cold can slither into the windings while it remains exposed to winter time cold plus can also hinder it from working regularly. To bring back the working conditions of the same, our Varnish Baking Oven will be the perfect solutions.

You will discover our varnish baking oven to possess the most advanced exterior design with the help of which, the content can be simply put within. The heating is prepared gradually but completely so that it flows evenly beyond the machine winding. Blowers spread heat beyond the interior container in such a way that energy is scattered evenly beyond the items, therefore creating a sufficient heating output. Make sure to order the Baking Oven now at an amazing price from us.

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Halar Coating OvenGet Quotation

Special features that the Halar Coating Oven comes with are mentioned below:

• The Halar Coating Oven utilizes thermal oil or electric power or gas as its heat resource.

• Coating applied in this oven is effective in opposing erosion causing natural solvents and synthetic substances.

• Application of high-speed air dissemination technology

• Size of its working chamber relies upon client’s expectations.

Assembling procedure of the Halar coating oven requires assistance from a profoundly qualified group of professionals. Furthermore, as a reputable Halar Coating Oven Manufacturer we are capable of adjusting to valid and moral business terms and conditions that meet the needs of our customers in every respect.

Likewise, these man-made items have been on great demand, since we include specific quality attributes that are deemed necessary for the heating and drying purpose. We conduct detailed industry surveys before choosing the merchants on differed grounds, for example, by reviewing their records and their source of procuring alongside other stringent procedures.

Application :
  • Halar Coating Oven
  • Geomet Coating Oven
  • Dacromet Coating Oven
  • PVDF, PTFE & PFA Coating etc.

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Teflon Coating OvenGet Quotation

MV International, being a premier Teflon Coating Oven manufacturer, we have helped in shaping huge business enterprises depending on a global standard of sole ownership. These items are developed by utilizing high-quality components and with the assistance of advanced machinery.

We have adhered to all preset industry standards and our items are checked for quality on several stringent parameters before being provided to our customers. Each Teflon coating Oven that we offer is much in use for warming across different enterprises. These products are made accessible in various forms for our customers to compare. All items are much sought after by our customers for their tremendous potential, for example, rugged development, smooth working, simple installation, heat obstruction, and long functioning life.

We provide numerous Teflon covering items for the oven. About 25% of these constitute baking dishes and containers, 11% are apparatuses for baking, and 10% are metal covering equipment.

A wide assortment of Teflon Coating Oven options is accessible to you, for example, covering production line, covering splash gun and a booth coated with powder. Likewise, you can pick iron, steel, and aluminum alongside painting, powder covering. Also, you may have the option of checking out different samples.

We, MV International take pride in being an eminent Teflon Coating Oven Manufacturer and supplier that sells ovens the world over. Our Teflon Coating Oven has remained on-demand across a majority of nations based in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America.

Application :
  • Halar Coating Oven
  • Geomet Coating Oven
  • Dacromet Coating Oven
  • PVDF
  • PTFE Coating Oven
  • PFA Coating Oven etc.

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Motor Heating OvenGet Quotation
We At MV International are Leading manufacturer and exporter of Motor Heating Oven from India. Motor Heating ovens are employed for a quick and uniform drying of solvents or water paints and resins used in the windings of electric motors and varnish transformers.

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Trolley Type OvenGet Quotation

Features of Trolley Type Ovens

· Apart from lower maintenance charges and powerful structures, the Trolley Type Oven yields high durability and efficiency. We have covered the surfaces with a powder coating and epoxy coating besides painting them with enamel. We are also offering pre-settable digital timers with these ovens.

· These ovens are used in various industries for drying purposes. Alongside a few air inlets, our Trolley Type Oven has some automated forced exhaust features.

· The structures composed of mild steel and those made of stainless steel are entirely rust-free. The new air-bays are also there to accompany dampers that are adapted manually.

·We have made sure that the flow of air is of high velocity and that the system allows air to pass in vertical as well as horizontal directions.

Trolley Type Oven have found a place in the foundry for performing the multiple functions. MV International is a Trolley Type Oven Manufacturer with a mobile tray or trolley and a static structure. Besides lowering the downtime, the chances of increasing production time are more with these trolley ovens. We can provide you with trolley ovens that are energy-efficient and user-friendly.

High-level automation and logic control are amongst the key features of such fully automated systems. It gives you a hint on the necessity of minimal manual operation. As a leading Trolley Type Oven Manufacturer, we are using materials of the highest grade and following specific international standards while manufacturing our ovens. These ovens even meet the aviation standards with their thermal calibration.

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Infrared OvenGet Quotation
Infrared Ovens are specially used for application where instant temperature rise and fall is required. IR ovens is best for industries Paint Baking, Surgical Equipments, Rubber Industries. Infrared Ovens used to provide heat at object and making the process faster.

Features :
  • User can set temperature for different zone.
  • Individual heaters can be controlled
  • Heaters are interlocked with blower and many more.

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Composite Curing OvenGet Quotation

Our high performance Composite Curing Oven is available in various sizes, providing the best quality curing time and again. Though our models are lightweight, they have the capacity to take on huge loads. They have the ability to provide curing at temperatures ranging from 50° C to 500° C and much more. Throughout the curing process heat is applied uniformly so that it takes place evenly and thoroughly, giving a high quality and satisfactory output. Some of the many items that can be placed inside our Composite Curing Oven include prepegs, moulds, castings, laminates and thermoplastics.

MV International offers Composite Curing Oven that can be setup on a benchtop and which can provide unrivaled thermal performance for various loads time and again. Its heavy duty construction enables it to be used on a daily basis, continuously and extensively to create cured output according to requirements. Opt for our Composite Curing Oven that offers features for monitoring, managing and controlling complex composite curing task in the most efficient way.

We at MV International are proud to say we are acclaimed as the most reputed Composite Curing Oven Manufacturers who provide high quality, durable models at rock bottom prices. Order now for a custom model right away and carry out composite curing in a cost effective way!

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Garment Curing OvenGet Quotation

Key Points of Garment Curing Oven:

• It’s a special type of Garment curing oven, which is specifically made to heat the wrinkle-free attire on racks with the help of a delicate vertical air down-flow. The air is passed on down from the roof to return sessions in the floor.

• It comes with radiator just as blower compartments on the model displayed are in the top, keeping floorspace need to least. Accompany Stainless steel GI insides just as outside dividers.

• It’s even furnished with roofs just as floor covering for guaranteeing an all-inclusive procedure life. It’s rendered with both standards like hand-craft transport frameworks. It’s designed for maintenance as well as security.

• It’s equipped with cycle clocks just as cautions to anticipate over relieving just as under restoring of pieces of clothing. It accompanies security stop alterations to stop the activity when exits are open.

MV International is a notable Garment Curing Oven manufacturer for our exceptionally regarded customers. This is utilized for relieving channels paper straightforwardly of the cement heat, paint segments, and creasing machines.

We manufacture this broiler utilizing tried quality material and ultra-current hardware at our unit in a state of harmony with the market standards and norms followed by any other Garment curing oven manufacturer. Piece of clothing Curing Oven stands high on viability, productivity, solidness, low upkeep and has a long life. We offer this stove at exceptionally reasonable costs in the market.

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Silica Gel Drying OvenGet Quotation

You will find our oven to come with the most sophisticated and latest features. It has high precision control through which proper temperature setting can be established so that desired output can be achieved. Use our oven to dry silica gel so that it is always fresh and has the ability to retain desired moisture when it is used. The oven applies heat evenly and offers exact temperature options for this purpose. Using it is easy and it can carry out the drying process in the shortest possible time.

Silica Gel Drying Oven
is a high quality, modern and efficient equipment that can be used to carry out drying process on silica gel with the highest precision. It comes with standard temperature and also with safety mechanism in place so that effective drying can be done in the shortest possible time.

We MV International are a leading Silica Gel Drying Oven Manufacturer who can provide the best oven model that is capable of providing high quality drying in a cost effective way. Use it to dry large quantities of silica gel and gain a quick and effective means for bringing back its original qualities. Order online to get the latest model and get your silica gel drying process done in the most efficient way!

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Dacromet Coating OvenGet Quotation

We have been serving all of our valuable clients for decades by manufacturing and distributing our oven worth great quality. We are resorting to high-end technologies for processing raw components worth the premium quality. We have been the favorite Dacromet Coating Oven Manufacturer for numerous clients owing to our safe and reliable operations.

Our team of professional quality analysts dedicatedly works towards checking our whole new range of equipment based on preset industry parameters before we deliver them to our clients. We strive to improve and adapt to newer technologies with the progress of time. It helps us in ensuring the proper delivery of a wide range of flawless products on time. We may deliver Dacromet Coating Oven as per the technical specifications and models picked by our clients. Above all, we have succeeded in maintaining reasonable rates within a dynamic industry.

When it comes to adapting the latest technologies, we have left no leaves unturned as a reliable Dacromet CoatingOven Manufacturer. For a majority of fastener industries that are looking for alternatives to chrome plating, we are a ray of hope. We are avoiding options that pollute the environment and voting in favor of inorganic coatings that are based on water. Our coatings don’t contain any VOC and are free of chromium.

We have delivered our Dacromet Coating Oven to a host of industries since the past one decade. Our Dacromet coating oven yields protection from emission of hydrogen and ensures quality lubricity. MV International has earned positive reviews and recognition from most clients for protecting the environment besides resisting temperature, corrosion, UV radiation, and salt spray.

Application :
  • Halar Coating Oven
  • Geomet Coating Oven
  • Dacromet Coating Oven
  • PVDF
  • PTFE and PFA Coating etc.

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Geomet Coating OvenGet Quotation

When we have the Geomet coated parts for curing and drying, multiple ovens are needed for applying our equipment. We’ll use an oven for drying, while three other ovens will be put to curing. We need to allow heating of the first oven till it acquires the temperature of 250°F. We can use this oven for frying up parts after rinsing them via a cleansing process that prepares them to achieve the Geomet coating.

The parts are carried to some robotic spray booth once they are dried; it’s there that the parts are treated for Geomet coating. A pre-cure oven is set up for receiving the parts and baking them at a temperature of 350°F. Once the pre-curing is done, the parts are transferred to another curing oven that runs a temperature of 690°F. A new paint coating is applied at the top of the parts once we take them through another level of robotic spray at the end of the curing process.

Geomet comes with a coating dispersion system based on water, which possesses aluminum flakes, metallic zinc, and metal oxides. There’s also a multi-layered alignment of platelets made of aluminum and zinc that form a coating of silver-gray depicting metallic finish. Once cured at a temperature of 575 to 600° F, the coating turns inorganic.

Also, the machine yields high resistance towards adverse atmospheric conditions and corrosion. Like any other Geomet Coating Oven Manufacturer, we have incorporated some of the latest features. Most of these features enhance the functionalities of our Geomet Coating Oven while saving both energy and time. We have even offered a plethora of models for our customers to choose from. You may pick a model that matches your preset specifications within a stipulated budget.

Application :
  • Halar Coating Oven
  • Geomet Coating Oven
  • Dacromet Coating Oven
  • PVDF
  • PTFE and PFA Coating etc.

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PTFE Coating OvenGet Quotation
PTFE Coating Ovens is designed for special coating called Dacromet Coating it is also used for other application or coatings. Our well qualified engineers are capable to design high quality and highly accurate or uniform PTFE Coating Ovens.

Items that we offer can be beneficial to our customers and they come with the most sensible and basic price tags. Among the wide range of ovens that we have on offer is a wide assortment of unequivocally and imaginatively structured items. This scope of items is fabricated by our team by utilizing quality material that is acquired from the most expert merchants that are dominating the market. Being a specialist PTFE Coating Oven manufacturer, we are exceptionally fit to serve our enormous clientele with a wide collection of ovens that match their inclinations.

Application :
  • Halar Coating Oven
  • Geomet Coating Oven
  • Dacromet Coating Oven
  • PVDF
  • PTFE Coating Oven
  • PFA Coating Oven etc.

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PFA Coating OvenGet Quotation

We follow some electrostatic procedures for applying powder systems while developing the PFA Coating Oven. It helps in extending electrical charges to some parts and the coating material so that the powder is drawn to these parts. Although it’s a bit complex, it’s quite useful.

We have procured spraying equipment from the global leaders in the development and distribution of spray guns.

For applications like FEP and PFA fluoropolymer powders, we have resorted to some renowned providers for supplying electrostatic powder coating equipment. We are using a conventional spraying technique that’s driven by compressed air for running most of our coating systems. The coatings are provided in a liquid form and are laid with the help of some spraying equipment that is either driven by pressure or gravity.

Testing, Measuring, and Quality Control

We are currently using a variety of instruments to achieve a fair measure of coating on the different parts. These instruments are also very effective in testing and quality control. During the initial phase, we can measure the thickness of the wet films with the help of some tools. We even have a few sophisticated instruments for measuring the thickness of the cured coating on a majority of substrates. Dimensions of most parts are known to us as we have instruments like the conventional micrometers.

MV International is a PFA Coating Oven Manufacturer that can perform adhesion testing and coating hardness testing for ensuring proper placement of the coating on the substrate material.It’s very useful for any business that requires drying or heating applications.

Application :
  • Halar Coating Oven
  • Geomet Coating Oven
  • Dacromet Coating Oven
  • PVDF
  • PTFE Coating Oven
  • PFA Coating Oven etc.

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Transformer Heating OvenGet Quotation

However, by heating them regularly in our oven, they will last longer and more can be gained from their usage. Instead of spending money buying a new transformer, this oven can be used to extend the life of an existing transformer for significant period of time, thus providing a cost effective solution to transformer usage in places where they are subject to difficult environments.

What you will notice about our transformer oven is its sleek design. It is modern equipment that comes with easy-to-open doors and switches that can be quickly switched on when required. Temperature can be set at high precision so what you get by putting transformers inside the Transformer Heating Oven is high quality output that gives desired performance time and again. MV international is a reputed Transformer Heating Oven Manufacturer offering equipments that are capable of providing high quality results time and again. Our oven design is such that it is easy to clean, maintain and it consumes less power so even with heavy usage, utility bills do not rise up. Call us now to enquire about our latest model which offers the best results!

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Electric Motor Drying OvenGet Quotation
With the valuable assistance of skilled team of professionals, we are offering an extensive quality Electric Motor Drying Oven which is used for heating up different molds before they put onto the machine.

Specification :
Material of construction Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
Temperature Range 50° C - 200° C / 50° C - 300° C / 50° C - 400° C.
Brand Name MV International

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Chamber OvenGet Quotation

MV International is a notable Chamber Oven Manufacturer that provides 16 ovens with varying instrumentation, capacity, and range of temperature. Our customers are glad to compare our latest products and choose a unit that suffices their requirements!

Standard Features:

High-safety method

The chamber transfers the air outside and gets filled with fresh hot air passed on by the heater.

Advanced temperature control

The preheating heater enables you to cope with the fluctuation of temperature between 50°C to 500°C.

Smooth power supply

The fact that a power failure affects the circulating mechanism has been noticed. To prevent it, a uniform power supply is ensured. As a reliable chamber oven manufacturer, we have attached a gas detector as optional equipment to ensure extra safety.

An extra door of safety with the explosion vent

You can’t rule out the risk of an explosion even when the unit maintains a low gas concentration. Even when you maintain a low concentration, few of the gases may explode. We have provided you with an explosion vent for extra protection.

Specimens protected from contamination

Upon heating, the specimen generates a few unwanted substances. We ensure protection for the specimen by protecting it from contamination inflicted by such substances.


Air flows in specific directions like with arrows. The suction box accumulates hot air and transfers it to the chamber. The chamber neither allows air circulation nor does it remain exposed to the outside environment.

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Top Loading OvensGet Quotation
Top Loading Ovens are used specially where heavy material job is not easy to load it from front side. In these kinds of ovens, it is very easy to load and un-load from top. Application like PU rollers, SMAW Flux Heating, plastic granules etc.

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Post Curing OvenGet Quotation

Post curing is an activity that is done on a metal part right after it has been cured so that the cured process that has already been carried out on it is strengthened. The material is already treated by heat so that it achieves a particular material quality. It can normally achieve the result of post curing if it has been left at room temperature for about a week or ten days.

However, in situations when such waiting cannot be done, our Post Curing Oven provides ideal solution by enabling such heat to be applied quickly, conveniently and rapidly. Post curing in our oven offers a greater advantage to the material that is being treated than what it could have achieved if it was left at room temperature.

The post curing process increases physical qualities such as flexural strength, tensile strength etc in a way that is much superior to what is seen when the material is exposed to room temperature. The design and material used to make the oven ensures that it is easy-to-clean thus enabling you to carry our activities effortlessly. Order now for our affordable and high quality Post Curing Oven which makes your post curing tasks simple and cost-effective!

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Flameproof Drum Heating OvenGet Quotation

There is also a motor which is electrically powered. You can apply heat uniformly in all directions and on all items which are there inside. This will ensure that the items get the same temperature and display the targeted result. We offer Flameproof Drum Heating Oven within a number of capacities including advanced characteristics which are equipped for strong shielding and additional activities.

Our Flameproof Drum Heating Oven will enable you to carry out distinct heat treatment methods upon a broad range of items. Including a temperature range Ambient to - 250°C, it is a reliable and strong device which produces the identical outputs again and again. Reach out to us now to order the best ovens from us with the best characteristics and features!

MV International is able to design and manufacture Flameproof Drum Heating Oven where high accuracy of temperature is required. Forced air can help to maintain uniformity throughout the oven. Material put inside the oven can get heat everywhere. Yes, we can achieve accuracy of +\- 3% or less.

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Electric Oven HT LT MotorsGet Quotation
We At MV International are Leading manufacturer and exporter of Electric Oven HT LT Motors from India. Motor Drying Ovens are employed for a quick and uniform drying of solvents or water paints and resins used in the windings of electric motors and varnish transformers.

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Walk In OvensGet Quotation

Walk in Industrial Ovens are normally utilized in the accompanying businesses:

• Aerospace

• Medical

• Solar

• Drying

• Curing (composite)

• Heat treating

• Aging

• Metal wrapping up

• Pharmaceutical

• Industrial

• Laboratory

• Educational

Walk in Industrial Ovens address your issues and surpass your desires! The best Walk in Ovens Manufacturer offers custom alternatives at reasonable costs with a huge choice of sizes accessible. Every stove comes standard with the accompanying highlights:

Control Limitations

Industrial Ovens and Furnaces separate themselves from the challenge by UL Listing every control limitation on every single modern oven. Included solace without the expense!

Wind stream
Diminish cold spots and rely on even wind current over the chamber. Our Walk-In Industrial Ovens accompany wind current in an assortment of selectable examples.

Circulation Motor
The unique designs of the majority of our mechanical stoves utilize Enclosed Fan Cooled engines. These engines are made for brutal conditions and are worked to last.

Unparalleled Consumer Assistance
When you buy an item from a renowned Walk in Ovens Manufacturer like MV International, you get something other than a mechanical stove. You get our duty to quality and administration. Whenever you experience a usage hassle or a technical issue, you can reach us even during the odd hours.

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Radiator Core Baking OvenGet Quotation

MV International is a top-notch core baking oven manufacturer and renders high-quality Radiator Core Baking Oven which displays out the warming function concerning the motor parts. The oven carries out the performance at high warmth, which makes them reliable and, in turn, improves their counter life.

Comparing each project, the purpose of our Engineering technician is to understand the customer’s perception to create the most reliable Core Bake Oven solution concerning the thermal processing purpose. All Industrial Oven design supports a thorough evaluation of every product specification. The assessment incorporates fields such as part configuration and construction, production goals, temperature profile, part mass, including facility location or elevation.

If you are looking for the best quality and top-notch radiator core baking oven, make sure to reach out to the experts for the same. It remains a cost-effective warming solution because it remains affordably priced, allowing a considerable number of alloy parts to be heat managed the identical time, thus providing the coveted output quickly. So, reach out to the experts now to order the high-quality and best Radiator Core Baking Oven from the experts in the industry.

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